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I'm delighted to share the following testimonials with you.

" Abi has been an invaluable help in treating both myself and my 16.2hh mare Millie for the last few years. Millie is naturally a tense horse and often suffers various aches, pains and imbalances. Abi has a fantastic eye for picking up un-levelness and never fails to correct any issues so that Millie feels her best to compete at a high level, show-jumping internationally.  Millie can be opinionated at times and Abi always treats her with the utmost patience and gentleness which encourages Millie to cooperate and get the best out of her sessions.


I have also felt the extreme benefits of Abi’s work first hand, multiple times. She is able to fix any niggles or injuries that come up brilliantly. I experienced the worst back pain of my life in 2020 due to a running injury where I had misaligned my Pelvis and Sacroiliac joint, but after one session the pain was resolved and I was given some remedial exercises to strengthen the area. My lower back has never felt better. 


I would completely recommend Abi to anyone struggling with pain or misalignment in themselves or their horse. You will be in safe hands. Not only is Abi thorough and knowledgeable in her approach, but she is also lovely, relaxed and supportive so is a pleasure to be treated by. "

Alana Collett

“Abi came out to look at one of put polo ponies who wasn’t right following an old injury. The change in her was overnight and she was back to her normal self. She gave us great advice how to help her. She has since treated more of our horses. "

Cody Jones

“ Abi has helped to improve my super sensitive ex-race mare’s straightness and overall performance. Straight after treatment I would describe the horse as floating through air! I am really happy with Abi’s work and how she deals with my mare. She has not only helped my horse but I enjoy the human appointments myself (especially the acupuncture), and without her help I would struggle dealing with the hard work involved as an equine vet groom. "

Tereza Hosnedlova

" Abi is attentive, reassuring and makes constructive suggestions as to how to help oneself. It can be months and months between my visits but she always remembers our previous conversations! An all-round excellent practitioner. ”

Jean Soden

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