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Dog in Nature
Dog in Nature

Canine Chiropractic

*  Prior to any treatment, Veterinary approval is required. 

Canine chiropractic explained

Canine chiropractic care can have great benefits for our dogs. It can be effective in helping an array of problems that can arise in domestic and working dogs causing muscle or joint discomfort.

Additionally, age related conditions can affect our pets. Where suitable, treatment and advice can be provided as a way of reducing discomfort and pain; as well as promote the long term comfort of the animal.


Nowadays surgical procedures for conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia and disc degeneration are common. Chiropractic, and other complimentary therapies, can be used alongside veterinary treatment, and in pre and post-operative care with many conditions.

Signs that your dog may benefit from chiropractic care are:

  • Change in normal behaviour

  • Deterioration in performance

  • Back pain

  • Stiffness

  • Postural changes

  • Abnormal gait patterns

  • Reluctance to play or run/ turn/jump

  • Unable to walk up and down stairs

  • Difficulties, standing, laying, sitting

  • Old age/ arthritic change

  • Continual licking/scratching an area

  • Surgery pre/after care

  • Muscle atrophy/ wastage in a area

  • Sensitivity to touch

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