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Animal Chiropractic

What to expect

Animal patients are treated on site, either at home or where they are stabled. Once we have arranged a convenient time for me to meet you and/or your animal, an online form will be emailed to you that will request information including animal’s upbringing, previous health concerns, injuries and behaviour. Any prior x-rays and/or previous veterinary diagnoses; or history of other therapies and treatments will also be useful.

There will then be an examination of the animal which includes gait analysis, visual observation, palpation (feeling by hand), and motion palpation (assessment of movement by hand) of the spine, pelvis and limbs. 

Once I have the case history and have completed a thorough chiropractic examination, I will then combine this information and determine what treatment your animal requires. 

Treatment style, length, and intensity will depend upon the nature of case; each animal is an individual.  During adjustments your animal should incur little or no pain; in fact most animals enjoy the attention and care.  

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